After hiking the Mount Batur, you can relax on the hot water spring and then end up the day with a lunch in the floating restaurant in Lake Batur, and if you have more time you can visit Trunyan village or Kedisan village


Is an active volcano, created by an eruption approximately 30,000 years ago, it sets in the heart of a huge crater 14km in diameter and 65m deep. The sheer size of the crater conjures up images of the massive eruption of the original Mt. Batur occuring thousands years ago. The last eruption was in 1917.

Kintamani Mount Batur
view from Restaurant at Penelokan


Is a crater lake that fills the south eastern side of the caldera of the active Mt. Batur. It is Bali’s largest lake with an area of approximately 18 square kms. In most of the time, Lake Batur is shrouded in mist but one can catch breathtaking view from many vantage points along the rim. Hot springs at lake’s edge reach 57degree celcius, while the rest of the lake is somewhat cooler.


Kedisan is located alongside of Lake Batur. It takes another 7 km from Penelokan to reach Kedisan. Being located on volcanic soil makes the land fertile and suitable for farming. Most of the villagers rely from agriculture for income. Popular vegetables being farmed in this area are onions, cabbage, tamarillo, tomato and chili. Aside from agriculture, villagers also rely on fishing from the lake with the most popular fish generated, Tilapia.

There is a dock located in Kedisan for boat rides to Trunyan or sightseeing around Lake Batur, complemented by a huge parking space.

Trunyan Village


The village of Trunyan or Terunyan is located on the estern shores of Lake Batur, just on the foot of the Mount Abang, Kintamani. Trunyan village is believed to be fund during 882-914AD (refering to the founding of a temple to Batara Da Tonta), inhabited by descendants of the native Balinese – the Bali Aga. As a tourist object, Trunyan is surely the best known Bali Aga village, but becomeing notorious as a place not to visit after all in the same time.
Having been isolated from the other part of the island for centuries, the village is more or less secluded from the rest of the island. Trunyan village has been famous for their PUra Pancering Jagat (temple of th enaval world), but unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside. There is also “hidden” 4m high statue of Ratu Gede Pusering Jagat, which is a magalithic statue said to be guarded by magical powers and only be viewed during temple anniversary (odalan)

The mysterious cemetry that is separated by the lake near sub-village Kuban that attracts the biggest attention. Only accessible by boat, the ancient site has no path along steep walls of the crater rim at all. There you can find unique cemetry, they lie the dead body under the tree, and its odorless.

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